Red Ribbon Week is October 22 -26

During this week students will watch a video about Red Ribbon Week and discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Monday October 22- Put a cap on Drugs Day- Students are encouraged to wear their favorite hat to school.

Tuesday October 23- Pajama Day- Put Drugs to sleep Day- All students and staff will wear their favorite warm pajamas to school.

Wednesday October 24- Picture Day- Dress for Success

Thursday October 25- Friends Day- Friends don’t let Friends do Drugs- Twin or Triplet Day. Great friends practice healthy habits.

Friday October 26- My character counts!  Students are encouraged to wear your favorite character costumes.

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Volunteering with your PTA allows you to contribute your skills and knowledge for the benefit of not only your child, but for your school community. PTA can help you gain expertise as a leadership volunteer, parental advocate, and you have the chance to make friends for life.


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