In the growing pressure from government to “do more with less,” it is unfortunately true that the way that many schools and communities are doing this is to cut out the programs that they deem as not being essential. This is where our PTA steps in.

We work hard to raise funds so that our school doesn’t have to cope with the loss of programs, technology, or learning tools our county deems unnecessary or can’t afford. A few examples of what successful fundraising can do for us are: funding for field trips, books, First In Math, playground and recess equipment, dances, field day, learning rugs for classrooms, and most significantly multiple laptops in every  classroom. Without you, our PTA doesn’t exist. Please be willing to invest into us in some way. If you don’t have the time, please consider making a monetary contribution. Our board commits to improving your child’s quality of education and school experience.

  • Follow the link below
  • Click on ' register your card '
  • Enter your Giant Bonus Card number
  • Choose Whitehall by using ID #04825

Use the link below and shop as usual and the PTA will receive a percentage of your order. This will not change what you are charged, and we will not know what you purchased.

Register your VIC card and designate Whitehall Parent Code 4199




Clip the Box Top symbols from eligible products and turn into your student's teacher or in the office. Each Box Top earns the school 10 cents.

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